RCA to Saleae


Sometimes convenience has a price. I designed this PCB tonight to use with my new idea of connecting a 3.5mm TRRS jack ( 3.5mm headphone ) to 3 FPGA outputs then adapt that to a readily available camcorder cable with 3 RCAs ( Red,White,Yellow ) to BNC then to oscilloscope. This board takes up to 8 of those RCAs and adapts them to a Saleae 1×9 0.100″ logic analyzer pinout instead. Simple to design, but the board was 1″x2″ due to the RCA connector size, I even shared vias between RCA connectors to save area – still $9 for a stupid interconnect adapter. Hope its useful in the long run.  Idea for this board is that RCA cables are normally plugged into a analog scope for quick live measurements and can be easily switched to a Saleae for digital capture at 10 MSPS for seconds worth of sampling.

RCA to Saleae

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